Parts and Labor Design’s Energetic Furniture Debut

At Mexico City Art Week, the New York City interiors firm debuted a range of Brutalist-inspired pieces marked by a kinetic elegance.

Between them, Parts and Labor Design partner Danu Kennedy and founder Jeremy Levitt have some two decades of experience designing other people’s homes, so it’s no surprise they recently began thinking about what they’d like in a home of their own. The result is the KW 01 Perception Collection, a debut range of furniture and objects they’re previewing at their first exhibition at Materia Studio through February 26, as part of Mexico City Art Week.

Highlights of the collection’s nine pieces include the KW 01 Perceptions Chair, with a sculptured interior of velvet or mohair that arches within a Brutalist-ish burl frame. A Plinth in burl or aluminum stands ready to display a favored object, or simply its own elegant form, while a floor lamp and table lamp offer plinths that gently cantilever lighting elements at the summit. “Our pieces are kinetic, an ode to conversation, to discovery,” Kennedy says, noting that they will be shown in dialog with the accomplished Mexican sculptor Jorge Yázpik. “They awaken and invigorate your energy.”

Photography by Sean Davidson.

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