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Rococo Art Advisory’s Frieze Week Dinner Brought Works of Art to the Table

On February 14, guests gathered at Los Angeles restaurant Botanica for a five-course dinner party hosted by Maria Vogel in honor of artists Carlos Jaramillo, Lily Stockman, Emma Webster, Aryana Minai, and Greg Ito. As part of the advisory’s Rococinco series of contemporary art–inspired dinners, Botanica owner Heather Sperling looked to each artist’s practice to inspire the menu. Guests were treated to an olfactory experience of Diptyque’s Figuer candle, while objets from the fragrance house’s latest artist collaboration graced the table. Notables in attendance included Nazy Nazhand, Caleb Hahne Quintana, Gisela McDaniel, and Theadora Karos. Photography: Jojo Korsh/BFA
Greg Ito, Lily Stockman, Ariana Minai, Maria Vogel, Carlos Jaramillo, Emma Webster
Nazy Nazhand
Gisela McDaniel, Maria Vogel
Lily Stockman, Maria Vogel, Emma Webster, Ariana Minai
Carlos Jaramillo, Caleb Hahne Quintana, Jacob Lemon
Behind the scenes with chef Heather Sperling.
Emma Webster, Haley Fergeson
Diptyque candles grace the tablescapes.

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