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Legacy, Memories, Homecoming: Head of State’s Taofeek Abijako Explores His Nigerian Roots and Upstate Upbringing

Nigerian-born designer Taofeek Abijako founded Head of State at the age of 17; from the beginning the brand has been a representation of youth culture in a post-colonial world. That theme is continued in his latest collection, which explores Yoruba culture, the Twin House architecture of Lagos, and the blues of the oceans traversed in the process of leaving home and returning.

Name: Taofeek Abijako

Instagram: @headofstate_

Describe this collection in three words: Home, nostalgia, dream.

Which look is your favorite? The very last look of the show, an all-green gown.

What was the inspiration behind it? It was inspired by the outfit my mom wore during my naming ceremony [which is] a traditional celebration of childbirth.

Attending any parties or events this week? The Palace, with friends, family, and everyone who contributed to making this collection possible,

Why did you choose to show in New York instead of another fashion week? New York is as raw as it gets.

Credits: Julius Frazer (left); Julia Khoroshilov (right)
Credit: Jack Buster
Early concept sketches by Head of State.
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