This Sydney-Based Design Studio Embraces an Honest Use of Noble Materials

SP01 collaborates with designers from around the world to create its approachable, blue-chip furniture.

Established almost four years ago, Sydney-based studio SP01 collaborates with designers from around the globe and manufactures all of its products in Italy. The release of the brand’s third collection in late 2017—after inaugural launches by Milan-based Metrica and hometown designer Tom Fereday—emphasizes SP01’s blend of conceptual and manufacturing rigor. “Each of the designers we work with expresses the brand’s design philosophy in a different way,” says SP01’s design director Matt Lorrain, “but what unites our collections is a strong focus on the honest use of materials.”

True to form, London-based Tim Rundle’s 10-piece collection is a dialogue in opulent detailing and luxe materiality. Including a mirror, armchairs, an ottoman, and a cocktail table, the range’s curved corners and metallic-and-glass palette reference art deco styling, while emerald green, dark gray, and deep orange–hued fabrics lend a modern twist. They wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket hotel or penthouse, and that’s the point: they give consumers a sense of five-star luxury with all the comfort of home.

With SP01 expanding into the U.S. and European markets, the brand is also looking to develop extension products with both Metrica and Fereday as well as begin working with designers in the Asia-Pacific region, infusing the Aussie design sensibility with yet another cultural voice.

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