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Barbara Iweins Catalogued Every Single Item She Owns

Faced with the prospect of packing and moving everything in her house post-divorce, the Belgian...

A New Book Tracks the Past and Future of Dyestuffs

Anthropologist and textile artist Lauren MacDonald details the difficulty with which traditional...

Unpacking Isamu Noguchi’s Affinity for Ancient Greece

In a new book, Objects of Common Interest founders Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis reflect...

12 Books on Our Summer Reading List

The illustrious history of the humble Polaroid, an exploration of contemporary beauty, decorated...

The 10 Books That Got Us Through the Madness

From Andy Warhol’s intimate sketches to pristine interiors by Nicole Hollis, our editors round up

Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi on Designing a New Cannabis Culture ‘High On Design’

As more countries legalize it, marijuana has grown into a good-looking industry.

MoMA Wants You to Get Lost in the Stacks

Newly reimagined after a months-long renovation, the flagship Museum Store's new book wall doubles...

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Rediscovering the Forgotten Women of the Bauhaus, A Reading List

Influential, brilliant, bold, essential—the Bauhaus women come alive again in these books.

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Stylish, Quick-Pick Gifts For The Fashion-Conscious Woman

From an Alexander McQueen wallet to a Barbie coffee table book, here are nine winning luxury gift...

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Six New Coffee Table-Worthy Books We’re Obsessed With Right Now

With a new season upon us, it's time to update your rotation.

Reading List: Words for Nerds

Should we embrace the chaos of technology? Is it ultimately harmful? And can our trash save us? Get

Summer Reading: American Influence

From hip-hop mixtape covers to a conceptual exploration of the home, these books take on America.

Renzo Piano’s Beacon of Hope

Victoria Newhouse’s new book about the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens...

April 2017 Reading List: Material Fixation

These books each offer a fresh take on the aesthetics of consumer culture, from "Bling Bling...

Organic Chaos in Rick Owens’s Furniture Designs

A new book delves into the fashion icon’s furniture designs—and how his life partner, Michèle...

March 2017 Reading List: The World’s a Stage

The ability to to discern performance from truth always comes comes in handy, as these books...

Palm Springs by Night

For the photos in Midnight Modern, Tom Blachford captured local architecture in a new light...

Sex in the Age of Technology

Charles Curkin reflects on an era before technology made mating easy.

February 2017 Reading List: Shades of Green

From backyards to city streets to Apple’s industrial design, this month’s picks show that green

Lessons in Building Community

Writer Michael Webb chronicles the evolution and current state of large-scale residential design.

December 2016 Reading List: Modern Moment

From minimalist art to the art of blues to angst over constant change, the themes that caught our...

September 2016 Reading List: Flying Colors

From the rich hues of Dior's cosmetics line to the garish patterns of one piece of classic tourist...