#digital-art Stories

Design Dialogues No. 51 with Fingerprints DAO

Surface’s Nate Storey led a conversation with the founder of Fingerprints DAO, a leading...

An Exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach Allows Visitors to Mint Their Own NFT 

Artist Mario Klingemann’s AI-controlled, generative art installation stars in the digital art...

Project Spotlight
Experiential Design Firm HUSH Lights Up Uber’s New HQ With ‘The Stream’

Lanes of custom-made lighting and interactive wall installations channel the transportation...

A London Artist Who Uses Tarot Cards to Draw Essence

Cartomancer Lucia Dami depicts inner divine femininity in her ethereal illustrations.

Business of Design
Has the NFT Bubble Already Burst?

The non-fungible tokens frenzy has been one of the top stories of 2021, but new data suggests the...

Success on Instagram Turns a Digital Design into a Physical Object

Digital designer Andrés Reisinger received orders for a chair that didn’t actually exist. He’s

teamLab Brings its Mind-Bending Visuals to Australia

This October in Melbourne, the collective behind the teamLab Borderless digital art museum,...

Enter Artechouse, Manhattan’s Sprawling New Digital Art Mecca

Artechouse is bringing the world’s most intricate digital projection technology—as well as a...