A London Artist Who Uses Tarot Cards to Draw Essence

Cartomancer Lucia Dami depicts inner divine femininity in her ethereal illustrations.


Lucia Dami operates as a bridge between art and mysticism, employing her skills in cartomancy to depict the essence of her subjects through ethereal illustrations rooted in an almighty feminist force. For instance, her angelic Sacred Avatars series “draws out a person’s inner deity so they may worship their own selves as a God/Goddess, just as they might worship an ‘external’ being,” she says. The resulting digital line drawings of the female body dotted with spiritual calligraphy are equal parts celestial and untamed. In Sacred Portrayals, Lucia adorns photographic portraits with similar golden ink markings as if they were holy tattoos (a service she offers, by the way.) 

For Lucia, the illustrations go beyond artistic representation, they tap into occult realms and take inspiration from nature, the stars, and her dreams. In order to derive her drawings, subjects undergo the “Sacred Avatar process” consisting of three stages, beginning with a private tarot reading to decipher inner sacredness. The practice is meant to “re-enlighten the person’s beauty and power in their own eyes.” 

As a child spurred by her grandfather’s support in Switzerland, Lucia pursued art as a profession. The discovery of tarot in her late teens prompted her to nurture her sixth-sense and forge a divinatory path. Merging her talents as an oracle and an artist has awarded Lucia with a special form of alchemy that transcends multiple mediums. “What I draw in every portrayal and avatar is the part of the feminine spirit that is unseen and hard to express,” says Lucia. “It’s the part that’s in all of us—that we never quite feel seen for because of its mysterious nature.”

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