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Cannabis Brands Are Losing Money. The Nascent Psychedelics Industry Should Take Note

A recent survey shows that 37 percent of cannabis brands aren’t profitable, due in large part to...

Designers Are Tripping Over Themselves to Market Psychedelics

Much like the aesthetic revolution of cannabis, psychedelic substances are undergoing somewhat of a

Design Dose
Cannabis Gift Guide

A new generation of design-savvy entrepreneurs and consumers have turned weed into a contemporary...

High Design
A Dispensary Goes High End in Downtown Toronto

Edition, a high-concept cannabis purveyor, partnered with architects Jennifer Kudlats and Andrew...

Drink Up to Wind Down: The Rise of Snazzy Non-Alcoholic Beverages

People are tired of drinking. At least I know I am.

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Yoga, Tea, and Fine Design, Today’s Cannabis Shops Offer More Than Bongs and Buds

CBD and marijuana retailers have turned from hocking papers and pipes to offering complete...

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CBD Beauty Products are Taking Skin Care to New Heights

From body oils and serums to bath salts to recovery salves, the beauty world is going crazy for...

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Hotels Are Getting into the Cannabis Game

From in-house dispensaries and THC dinner parties to CBD cocktails and spa treatments, cannabis may

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You’re an Adult, and Your Next Bong Will Look Like a Peacock

A new wave of cannabis accessories blend style and discretion.