#land-art Stories

In an Arid Colorado Valley, a Gently Profound Earthwork

Through scores of plant-like sculptures scattered across 160 acres, artist Marguerite Humeau mounts

Robert Smithson, Geological Agent

Five decades after the enigmatic Land Artist’s untimely death, he continues to lay the groundwork

A Land Art Masterpiece or Colossal Concrete Biohazard?

After five decades, Michael Heizer is ready to pull back the curtain on his magnum opus, the...

A Major Earthwork by Robert Smithson Comes on View in the Netherlands

Broken Circle/Spiral Hill, the land artist's only earthwork outside the United States, will come...

Studio Visit
Ugo Rondinone Balances Nature and Artifice

The Swiss-born, New York-based artist invites us into his Harlem space as he prepares for an...