#nasa Stories

The Webb Telescope Begins Unfolding the Universe

After launching on Christmas Day, the highly intricate James Webb Space Telescope’s initial...

Cosmo in the Cosmos: Suborbital Space Lounge Set to Launch

Miami nightlife impresario David Gutman will design the hospitality experience aboard Spaceship...

Business of Design
Boeing Joins the Space Race

Boeing makes an investment in Richard Branson’s satellite-launching venture, Virgin Orbit.

Dror Benshetrit Wants Everyone to Experience What It’s Like on the Moon

The designer believes that by gaining a broader, cosmic perspective, our world will shift...

Surface x MoMA Design Store
You Want the Moon? This Remarkably Detailed Lunar Globe Replicates the Real Thing

NASA imagery and expert engineering informed this ingenious lamp, where a ring of LEDs illuminate a

Tom Sachs’s New Show Is an Absurdist Obstacle Course

“Space Camp,” created by the artist in collaboration with Nike, tests both body and mind.

Design Dispatch: June 8, 2017

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