#sustainable-design Stories

A Sustainable Design Marketplace Where the Mission is Buy Less

An e-commerce platform whose goal is to get you to buy less stuff? As implausible as it might seem,

Resetting What Metal Means, One Facade at a Time

As Pure+FreeForm’s Geoffrey Hahn tells it, new technologies have created a new materials...

Ho Chi Minh City’s Central Park Steps Into The Future

On what was once a set of 19th-century French railroad tracks, Ho Chi Minh City's revamped Central...

For Humanscale, Sustainability Is More Than Just a Buzzword

As the first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer of the furniture company, designer Jane Abernethy is

This Slovakian Design Firm 3D-Prints Biodegradable Eyewear

Crafting Plastics Studio uses a patented mixture to create durable, streamlined eyewear that...

A Government Building That Channels Monet? Only in France

Jacques Ferrier’s design for the city of Rouen's offices takes a cue from the painter with its...

The Boffi Tomato+ Brings the Mediterranean to Your Kitchen

A new greenhouse system grows 30 types of vegetables and herbs inside a swanky stainless-steel...

Elliott Puckette Adds a New Slant to Maria Cornejo’s Designs

An eye-catching garment that draws us in for a closer look.

Gardens in the Sky: WOHA’s Sustainable Architecture

The principals of the Singapore-based firm are determined to paint a tropical metropolis green.

Built for Brooklyn

The new 1 Hotel outpost embraces the darker side of nature.