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What’s New This May, From Our List Members

A rare cask from Louis XIII, Moss & Lam’s whimsical decor for Holly Hunt, Miami Design...

Suneil Sanzgiri’s Anti-Colonialism Films Get a Bigger Screen

The Indian-American artist, who became the first filmmaker to win the UOVO Prize, talks about...

Oscar yi Hou Reveals the Complexity of Asian-American Identity

In his richly layered portraits, the British-born Cantonese painter and UOVO Prize winner surrounds

New & Notable
What’s New This Fall, From Our List Members

A limited-edition drop from Moleskine and Missoni, Seth Rogen’s new ceramic pieces for...

Event Recap
On a Brooklyn Warehouse, Oscar yi Hou Uplifts His Community

The newest recipient of the Brooklyn Museum’s UOVO Prize, yi Hou celebrated the reveal with...

Oscar yi Hou Receives the Third Annual UOVO Prize

As part of the prize, the British-born Cantonese painter will receive his first-ever institutional...

Steve Guttman Is the Art World’s Consummate Concierge

The Uovo founder discovered a void in the arts, and filled it with a suite of tech-driven...