Art & Collectible Design
Arik Levy & Zoé Ouvrier: Beyond Nature
November 12, 2020 - February 5, 2021
Method & Concept:
111 10th St. S. ,Unit 112,
Naples, FL 34102

Marking the husband-and-wife duo’s first exhibition together, “Beyond Nature” showcases sculptural works inspired by the natural environment. Levy’s Mercury series, a collection of mouth-blown, silvered artistic glass in various colors, captures the viewer’s reflection as a moving distortion, mimicking the state of change from liquid to solid as the viewer’s perception shifts. Ouvrier engraves the sinuous shapes of trees into wood panels, reconnecting the material to its original element and evoking the vitality of a living tree. Taken as a whole, the duo’s interwoven dynamics explore human nature, emotions, and the self.


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