Bosco Sodi: A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains
February 15, 2020 - March 28, 2020
Axel Vervoordt Gallery:
21F Coda Designer Building, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Rd,
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Though the color turquoise played a pivotal role in Bosco Sodi’s childhood (the Mexico-born artist grew up visiting the Caribbean, cenotes, and the Agua Azul waterfalls), he has never used it in his richly textured, vividly colored paintings. That changed during a two-week residency in Hong Kong, during which Sodi witnessed how views of nearby mountainous horizons and oceanic vistas enliven everyday life. For this solo exhibition, he debuts 17 vivid paintings using his signature technique of mixing raw, monochromatic pigments with sawdust and glue, and layering it by hand onto a linen-stretched canvas until it hardens to create a crackled, lava-like effect. —Ryan Waddoups 

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