Family + Semi-Precious
February 18, 2021 - April 30, 2021
Method & Concept:
111 10th St. S. Unit 112,
Naples, FL 34102

During the pandemic’s early days, Method & Concept creative director Chad Jensen found himself isolated with only the tools and materials available in his studio. “I returned to my mold-making roots to explore the immediacy and transformative potential of plaster as a fine art medium,” he says, realizing that other artists were having similar experiences. It soon became clear to him that the Florida-based gallery should provide a platform for the cultural exchange of ideas related to their shared experience—and the anger, fear, and uncertainty that comes with it. “Family + Semi-Precious,” which presents work by Matthew Shlian, Debra Smith, and Dylan Martinez, replaces each artist’s physical absence with the tangible presence of their works, which are arranged in curated vignettes to embody kinship and familial ties. 

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