Art & Collectible Design
Galerie Philia: Montesino
March 13, 2023 - March 19, 2023
Monumento a Fray Antonio de Montesino:
Calle Arzobispo Portes 120,
Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic

Unfolding across the Monumento a Fray Antonio de Montesino—one of Santo Domingo’s most illustrious landmarks—is an array of works by Latin American talents committed to preserving their country’s artisanal heritage to celebrate Design Week República Dominicana. Among the highlights are a bold light sculpture in white onyx spheres by Argentine designer Cristián Mohaded, hand-carved chairs in natural Jabin wood by Mexican designer Daniel Orozco, and a stone jewelry plinth by Venezuelan designer Monica Sordo. 

(Photography by Maison Mouton Noir.)

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