Matthew Lutz-Kinoy: Window to the Clouds
March 19, 2021 - June 5, 2021
Museum Frieder Burda | Salon Berlin,
Auguststraße 11 - 13, 10117 Berlin, Germany

The Parisian artist puts the power of divinity and spiritual transitions on full display through an immersive sculpture of pink pom poms that frame his blush-toned paintings, which portray cherubs, angels, and references to Auguste Rodin’s La Porte de L’Enfer. Elsewhere, a site-specific ceiling painting of an exhausted angel speaks to the theatrical possibilities of ornamental architecture. “Looking inward, I knew that if I was able to make this show, it would need to be soft, blush, tactile and responsive,” says Lutz-Kinoy. “Perhaps what happened in my studio over the past year was a production of a potential reality; a frame through which I could find connections, describe the trials of these years, and look out onto an endless stream of clouds.” 

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