Adorno x HNH Gallery: Melt
May 10, 2022 - May 30, 2022
HNH Gallery:
119 N 1st St,
Brooklyn, NY 11249

The radical ideas shaping New York’s emerging crop of artists and designers are on full display at “Melt,” a group exhibition presented by Adorno and HNH Gallery during NYCxDesign and Frieze. Taking over HNH Gallery’s new three-floor Williamsburg space are unapologetically bold rugs, tables, lamps, and chairs by Jumbo, Joseph Algieri, and Studio POA that reimagine the living room as a testing ground for transforming the domestic interior of tomorrow. “The pieces on display resemble a constant flow or movement, which makes us feel dynamic and present at the same time,” says Martin Clausen, Adorno’s creative director. “Despite the objects being static, they give an opportunity to grasp a moment in time, almost like time stands still.”

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