Art & Collectible Design
Modernism Crystallized (Family Affair)
June 11, 2021 - September 11, 2021
Galerie Maria Wettergren:
121 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris

Though the objects in this group exhibition all look and feel drastically different, they’re united by a common thread of stripping down superfluous design details while making space for other elements—light, space, color, movement, materials, craft, and new technologies—to interact with form. Boris Berlin, Daniel Berlin, and Germans Ermics are all “children of Modernism,” writes the gallerist Maria Wettergren, noting how the three designers explore how the movement flirts with “order and dissolution, geometric regularity and deformation, clarity and illusion, and presence and disappearance.” Perhaps embodying this notion the most is Ermics’ new Sunburst Tall Glass Chair (2021), a throne-like piece marked by three exquisitely chromatic vertical panes rendered in a solar palette.

Photography by Jussi Puikkonen

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