Parker Ito: Longevity Buns
February 8, 2020 - April 4, 2020
Chateau Shatto:
1206 South Maple Avenue, Suite 1030
Los Angeles, CA

As the main video in Parker Ito’s tender, bewitching solo exhibition concludes, it shows a glowing Los Angeles skyline while Bobby Jameson croons. “All I want is my baby,” he sings, with Mick Jagger backing him. Elsewhere in the room, orchids sit in pots. Two large paintings depict flower bouquets, more bottles, and a butt plug, perhaps traces of a vanished gathering. Everything here seems to be slowly growing, decaying, piling up, or slipping away. An overhead projector presents a website with the date, the time, and a message: “Currently there are 377,411 unread emails in my inbox.” (That number ticks up occasionally.) Soon the video’s showing more shots of L.A., and spare electronic music is playing. It’s repeating itself, but it’s a new day—melancholic, electric, and alive. —Andrew Russeth

Installation view of “Parker Ito: Longevity Buns” at Chateau Shatto.

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