Wanda Koop: HeartBeat Bots
October 3, 2020 - November 7, 2020
Night Gallery:
2276 E 16th Street,
Los Angeles CA 90021

Since the mid-1980s, Canadian painter Wanda Koop has channeled her fascination with the post-human condition into portraits that ascribe emotion to robotic subjects through fluid neon strokes that dissipate and dissolve. A highlight, Heartbeat Bot (Bleu), is based on the symbol for facial recognition—a subtle allusion to how AI’s pattern recognition surpasses ours. Threaded throughout are fragments of the terrestrial, nodding to her most widely recognized paintings that depict threatening landscapes—veiny trees, spider webs, a full moon pulsating above a reflective lake, and most urgently, a capitol building rendered under a blood-red sky. Her work speaks to our uncertain past, present, and future: “Like the landscapes,” she explains, “these are portraits of the everyperson: this construct of mask stripped bare, like an archetype of now.”

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