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Surface Travel Awards | 2018 Winners



If #Ihavethisthingwithfloors is one of your obsessions, proceed directly to the Instagram account of its patron saint: Bill Young, a corporate pilot based in Texas who has zigzagged the globe snapping and tagging pictures of kitschy hotel carpets of every color and pattern. You’ll see leafy vines underfoot at Hotel Nikko Narita in Japan, and blue-and-white paisley at The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin, in China. Some are chintzy, others gaudy, but collectively they share a democratic spirit that has captivated travelers—and interior design enthusiasts—everywhere. “While my daughter Jill was home from school during Thanksgiving break, she said she was going to try to ‘grow my audience,’” Young says. One tweeted plea from a dutiful daughter went viral, and within days he went from having 83 followers to more than half a million. “It was a sweet story that appeared during a particularly awful news cycle,” he says. “I think it resonated with a lot of people.”



Soho House may be a members-only club, with locations everywhere from Sunset Boulevard to London’s Portobello Road, but its Instagram account is as public as a Kardashian makeup routine. The window into a world of exclusivity is a visual delight, where, on any given day,you might watch a pineapple skim across a pool surface in Miami, see animation by an artist depicting a scene from one of the houses, or get a sneak peek inside the latest opening of Brooklyn’s new Dumbo House. If you find yourself at one of the Soho properties and get the urge to snap your own picture, be discreet—a strict no-photo policy is enforced to ensure the members’ privacy.


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