Apple’s Mumbai Debut Reveals a Vibrant New Logo, and Other News

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Apple’s upcoming store in Mumbai. Image courtesy of Mumbai

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Apple’s Mumbai Debut Reveals a Vibrant New Logo

Apple is gearing up to open its first flagship in Mumbai with hopes of expanding its production and sales in South Asia. Located in the Jio World Drive shopping mall, the store stands out thanks to stately architecture and an abundance of lighting, illuminating its geometric-shaped awning and banners obscuring the 22,000-square-foot interior. The logo notably features a flame-like figure and spades acting as shields—its rainbow colors and checkered racing patterns seem intentionally eye-catching. The store is slated to compete with its Chinese counterpart and marks the beginning of Apple’s focus on the Indian market, with plans underway to open a second retail outpost in New Delhi. —Ryan Waddoups

The Brooklyn Nets 2023-24 City Edition uniform. Image courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets enlist Kaws to design its 2023-24 Nike NBA City Edition uniform.

The Brooklyn Nets basketball team has partnered with Kaws to design its 2023-24 Nike NBA City Edition uniform, the start of a two-year collaboration. Kaws drew inspiration from his ten-part “Tension” series to create a vibrant uniform design with a gray, teal, navy and coral color palette, featuring his abstract signature style and incorporating the “XX” motif into the Nets logo. The partnership is the team’s latest venture into the art world, following last season’s City Edition uniform inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Flatiron Building heads back to auction after its winning bidder failed to pay up.

The Flatiron Building will head back to auction after the building’s previous owners declined to purchase it for $189.5 million. The landmarked building was the subject of an intense bidding war at the last auction, which was won by an unknown venture capitalist who failed to make the required deposit to secure his purchase. The upcoming auction may require an immediate deposit to prevent artificially driving up the price, and the majority stakeholders are expected to participate in the sale in the hopes of securing the building at a lower price.

UNESCO’s director pledges $10 million toward rebuilding Ukraine’s cultural sector.

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s director general, has promised more than $10 million towards rebuilding Ukraine’s damaged arts landscape after visiting the country. UNESCO estimates $6.9 billion is required to properly rehabilitate the war-torn country’s culture and heritage, with short-term needs (2023-2026) estimated at $2.3 billion and medium-to-long-term needs (2027-2033) at $4.6 billion. UNESCO will prioritize damage assessment and documentation, emergency measures, stabilization and conservation, storage management, and immediate conservation to prevent further loss and looting.

“The Sunset Road” (2023) by Reynier Leyva Novo. Photography by Beth Devillier

Reynier Leyva Novo’s sauna installation grapples with the brutality of immigration.  

The artist Reynier Leyva Novo has built a working sauna called The Sunset Road in the back half of a box truck to remember the more than 50 dead and dying migrants discovered in southeast San Antonio in June 2022. Visitors are encouraged to sit in the heat, relax, and reflect on the tragedy. The work has proven controversial—some view it as a solemn site to meditate on the brutality of the immigration system, while others see it as a high-toned and on-the-nose joke about the tragic death of poor, desperate people seeking refuge.

Elizabeth de Cuevas, a sculptor who gravitated toward the monumental, dies at 94. 

Elizabeth de Cuevas, a world-renowned artist known for her colossal sculptures made of steel and bronze, has died at 94. Fluent in four languages and inspired by the grandeur of European architecture, she created abstract sculptures that were often larger than life. She is best known for her sculptures of human profiles and heads refracted through the lens of Cubism, showing faces from multiple angles. Her works often hinted at worlds beyond this one and featured a protruding cone for an eye, a figurative telescope scanning the stars.

Sweetgreen renames one of its bowls after Chipotle Mexican Grill filed a lawsuit.

Sweetgreen and Chipotle Mexican Grill have reached a tentative agreement to resolve a lawsuit over Sweetgreen’s “Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl” that allegedly infringes on Chipotle’s trademark. As part of the agreement, Sweetgreen has renamed the bowl as the “Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl” to avoid distractions from focusing on its business and customers. Sweetgreen’s stock, which fell six percent after the lawsuit was reported, recouped those losses during trading this past Thursday.

Reverse, a futuristic yacht concept from Meyer Group. Image courtesy of Meyer Group

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