Art Basel Through the Eyes of Zoë Buckman

The New York–based artist and activist took the new Leica CL—a compact, lightweight camera packed with cutting-edge technology—for a spin during Art Basel Miami Beach. Here, she shares her photo diary from the unforgettable week.

Miami 2017: I chatted myself hoarse. Sweat poured. I got one marriage proposal. I harassed a chef for key lime pie. I showed work for the first time at the main fair. I meditated in the sun for a whole five minutes. I learned that my spirit animal is called Francis and the Lights. I spoke a lot about feminism and masculinity. I said the word penis into a microphone at Pulse Art Fair. I had some truly incredible conversations and belly laughs. I used a lot of hand sanitizer, as I shook more hands than ever. I saw some incredible work by artists I knew, and artists I didn’t. Hank Willis Thomas gave me some advice. José Parlá told me stories. I felt very small standing next to Mark Bradford. One night, I only had a Snickers bar for dinner. Little of this could be actually photographed, but heres all that could!” Zoë Buckman


Explore the Leica CL for yourself here.

Cabbing around Miami Beach.


William Kentridge’s 2016 work “Kinetic Sculpture (Bicycle Wheel)”

(Shown at Goodman Gallery at Art Basel)

Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Jampol at Project for Empty Space

(At Pulse Art Fair)

Artist Devin Morris and photographer Darío Calmese

(At Pulse Art Fair)


My first work shown at the main fair! This is “She Dwells With Beauty” (2017) from my series “Let Her Rave.”

(Shown at Gavlak gallery at Art Basel)



Some of my work at Winston Wachter Gallery

(At Pulse Art Fair)



“Sediments” (2017) by Ivan Navarro

(At Paul Kasmin Gallery at Art Basel)


José Parlá at Soho House


Scenes from a rare few minutes of downtime around Miami


View from my room at Soho House


Another view from Soho House


Shari Loeffler at the Surface x EMP Experience early in the week

(Hosted at a private residence on Miami Beach, designed by Marcio Kogan)


Helen Toomer


Dred Scott, Rujeko Hockley, and Joey Lico

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