Interior Designer Bea Mombaers Reflects on Fritz Hansen's Pride of Place at Home

With an unparalleled eye for art and design, Belgium-based interior designer Bea Mombaers refines her eye for poetic and supremely liveable interiors in her own home.

Credit (all images): Piet-Albert Goethals

Interior designer and stylist Bea Mombaers is well-known in the design and art worlds thanks to an impeccable sense of aesthetics and an ability to create an atmosphere with thoughtful, poetic interiors. Her renowned store, Items, in Knokke, Belgium, has earned the kind of reputation that only comes with innate talent combined with decades of pristine work.

Bea’s creativity extends beyond the shop—she opened a bed and breakfast, Knokke Zoute, and launched Furniture by Bea Mombaers in 2018—and her inimitable interiors are oft-imitated.

Her home in Brussels, which she uses as a kind of evolving gallery of favorite pieces, includes a number of items from Fritz Hansen. Chief among them is the PK54 table by Poul Kjærholm with the marble centre and wood extension rings. She also has the PK33 stool and the Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen.

Left: Bea Mombaers’ home in Belgium is carefully curated with remarkable influence from her travels; Right: Mombaers' Bea’s PK54™ table by Poul Kjærholm is the centerpiece of the room with its contrasting, yet complimentary composition of materials.

“I love the PK54 table because it is such a centerpiece of the room,” Mombaers says. “And the Egg Chair, well, it is like a piece of sculpture. I love the color of the chair and how it ages. It’s such a special piece.” She explains that while she becomes acquainted with various pieces through her experiences in the art and design world, “there are always a few pieces that I’m dreaming about.”

As for her next Fritz Hansen piece? “I can’t decide!” She says. “I’m actually moving soon, and I like to choose furniture based on the shape and needs of the space itself. I’ll have to see what my next space holds. I know there will be Fritz Hansen there, for sure.”

Her current apartment in Brussels is a temporary space where she has lived for about a year but Mombaers will soon move to a more permanent place.

Revered ’60s-era Vogue editor Diana Vreeland opined that “the eye has to travel” and Mombaers embraces this philosophy, making sure that she is always traveling, taking her impeccable eye along for the ride. Currently, she spends her time between her homes in Brussels and Provence, where she has renovated a B&B.

Left: Mombaers' Egg™ Chair by Arne Jacobsen, specked with beauty marks; Right: Fritz Hansen's PK33™ stool.

Despite the ever-changing nature of her surroundings, she notes that “the pieces in my homes change regularly, but my style DNA never changes.” With a focus on materiality, organic shapes, and quiet luxury, Mombaers has created a soft minimalism that is both artistic and functional. Fritz Hansen fits perfectly into this world. Her spaces consistently bring out the elements of Fritz Hansen that are most pertinent: timeless design and exemplary quality that create a dialogue with the architecture and other pieces in an interior.

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