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Sudio’s T2 Earbuds Effortlessly Cancel Out Clamor

The Swedish brand enhanced their much-loved Tolv buds with active noise cancellation technology, new and improved ergonomic design, and a longer battery life.

Wired headphones may be having a moment of nostalgic rejuvenation (or at least a flash of popularity as an anti-status symbol), but the wireless earbud still reigns supreme in most people’s ears. First hitting Kickstarter and eventually the wider consumer market in the mid-2010’s, Bluetooth true wireless earbuds have evolved from short-lived, spotty sound conductors to indispensable accessories for surviving modern life.

One of the earliest brands to foresee this coming surge in wireless popularity was Swedish audio electronics manufacturer Sudio, founded in 2012. Their Tolv buds, first released in 2019, included several features that appealed to casual listeners on the go: a seven hour battery life, competitive audio quality with similar products from blue-chip brands, and an accessible price point. Now, Tolv sports a new name and several improvements that the company believes will have critics and consumers singing their praises loud and clear.     

“We designed T2 from top to bottom with the listener in mind,” says CEO Johan Gawell. First, Sudio engineers had to work out a way to keep disruptive din to an absolute minimum. They employed feedforward active noise canceling technology, which allows T2 to pick up on ambient sound in the environment and neutralize it before it even enters a listener’s ears. This technology works in tandem with the beamforming microphone array, assuring crisp calls with minimal interruptions. But the pièce de résistance for Gawell is T2’s design, which is Scandinavian in origin but universal in its final form. The new shape, he shares, went through 17 iterations and was tested in 400 ears across two continents to guarantee a snug-but-comfortable fit for all. Currently, T2 comes in four colorways, all listed at $129 USD: black, white, sand, and jade. 

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