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Two Designs from Lasvit Capture the Fleeting Beauty of Nature

With Herbarium and Dancing Leaves, the lighting and glassware company toes the line between art and design.

All photography courtesy of Lasvit.

A vibrant field of grasses and wildflowers swaying in a late-summer breeze; a forest’s fallen amber leaves, dancing in the first winds of autumn—precious vignettes of nature embody Dancing Leaves and Herbarium, two show-stopping designs from Czech lighting and glassware maker Lasvit.

Dancing Leaves, pictured above, features blown glass sculpted by hand and arranged to evoke movement and dimension as light refracts off the curves of each leaf, and the intentionally-placed bubbles within the glass itself. “The concept is based on leaves in the wind, floating and eventually flying away,“ says designer Luděk Hroch. Based on a Lasvit sculpture commission for the Peninsula Paris hotel, each size and arrangement of the fixture uniquely captures the balletic display of falling leaves.

 Herbarium, pictured below, channels botanic inspiration of a different sort: a combination of dried and gilded flowers, herbs, and even small tree branches are imprinted into molten glass. “What we wanted to do in Herbarium was to capture the wilderness, so anyone can take home a piece of Bohemian meadow frozen in glass,” says Mária Čulenová, the chief designer who led the creative team behind Herbarium. The flora turns to ash, but not before leaving its distinct shape encapsulated within glass, which is blown into organic formations befitting the origins of the design.

Herbarium and Dancing Leaves are part of Lasvit’s Icons collection—a portfolio of beloved designs that  merge the manufacturer’s breathtaking installation design with the convenience of ready-to-order standard sizes. The sizing and specs of both designs are customizable and Lasvit has the ability to cast any flower or tree species into the glass  during Herbarium’s creation process, adding an heirloom quality for clients who wish to incorporate a family tree or favorite flower into their home’s lighting design. The amber elements of Dancing Leaves, meanwhile, can be rendered in shades of clear, dark amber, light amber, and soda. 

The artistry of both pieces showcases the enduring power of the natural world in the built environment. After all, what better source of inspiration is there than nature itself? If the work of Lasvit is any indication, there is none. 

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