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The Therme Vals spa. (Photo: Courtesy 7132 Hotel)

Out with the Bathwater

Peter Zumthor has declared that a developer has ruined his famed Therme Vals spa.

White House Withdraw

After serving under eight administrations, the White House curator is resigning.
[The Washington Post]

Missed Opportunity

Apple should regret not hiring this design intern.

In the Details

Can’t tell if it’s a real Picasso? Let a particle accelerator give it a try.

Museum With a Mission

An OMA-designed art museum has opened in the Congolese forest. Among its institutional aims: critiquing the labor practices of multinational companies.

Like Riding a Bike

Tokyobike has collaborated with designers Joe Doucet, Everything Elevated, and Calico Wallpaper’s Nick and Rachel Cope on three new bicycles.

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