Interior Design and Fashion: Clash or Codependence?

The upcoming film Interior Motives, a directorial debut for Natalie Shirinian, explores the intersection of the two worlds through the eyes of experts.

A film still from "Interior Motives," featuring a two pendants by Lindsey Adelman. (Image courtesy Natalie Shirinian)

Natalie Shirinian isn’t one for the traditional approach. Having grown up in Los Angeles and worked in television production and talent management, she moved to New York City in 2010 and quickly immersed herself in the interior design world, with her agency NES Creative acting as a cultivator of a sort of “cool kid” design scene in the city. For the past three and a half years, Shirinian has been hard at work on a project that falls outside of her day-to-day realm. “In many conversations I had while living in L.A. and then in New York, I noticed that the design community seemed afraid of fashion because they felt it was going to take over the conversation,” she says. But from Shirinian’s vantage, she saw an obvious connection—plus, many of her clients were straddling the two spheres—so why couldn’t they coexist? In her debut film, which premieres this May during NYCxDesign, Shirinian shows that they can—and in a beautiful way. Co-produced by Elizabeth Baudouin and Michelle Peerali and featuring renowned industry names like Michele Lamy, Maria Cornejo, Yolande Batteau of Callidus Guild, and Lindsey Adelman, Interior Motives proves not only a coexistence but a symbiosis between interior design and fashion.

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