This Tech-Forward Jacket Is Climate Control for Your Body

The Mercury Heated Jacket knows your ideal body temperature better than you do.

Though it might not be obvious at first glance, the Mercury Heated Jacket by Ministry of Supply, available exclusively at MoMA Design Store, will be the smartest jacket in any closet. Equipped with three thin, flexible carbon fiber heating panels and a custom-machine learning system, it functions like a mind-reading thermostat. Its sensors detect external temperature, body heat, and motion data, while a Bluetooth-connected app records and learns the wearer’s preferences. The panels will automatically adapt the temperature inside to provide a personalized amount of warmth. The thoughtful technology doesn’t stop there. Voice-control integration, which works with assistants like Amazon Alexa, allows the user to preheat the jacket, making braving the cold slightly less daunting.

For all its futuristic bells and whistles, the Mercury Heated Jacket’s exterior is subtle but stylish, designed by former Theory design director Jarlath Mellet for Ministry of Supply. The company takes its name after the real British special ops department tasked with outfitting special agents for their missions, and creates high-performance clothing without sacrificing practicality. The Mercury is no exception: its lining contains coffee grinds to keep odor at bay and is fully machine washable. With such a versatile cold weather wardrobe staple, maybe this winter won’t be so bad after all.

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