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In partnership with the personal banking app Qapital, we asked Surface’s editors to share what they’re saving up to splurge on.

“There is no architectural destination I’m pining to visit more than the Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan, designed in the early and mid-17th century by Toshihito Shinno and Toshitada Shinno. It’ll be just one stop on a Japanese itinerary that includes a trip to Naoshima, but ultimately it’s Katsura that makes the long flight east worth it.” Katsura Imperial Villa; sankan.kunaicho.go.jpSpencer Bailey, Editor-in-Chief


“They say finding a watch is like finding a wedding dress: When you see it, you know it’s the one. I had the ‘aha!’ moment when I laid eyes on Nomos Glashütte’s Mark Braun-designed Metro Neomatik. In one tick of its neon seconds hand, I knew I wanted it to be my first horological investment.” Nomos Glashütte Metro Neomatik, $3,960; nomos-store.comCourtney Kenefick, Fashion Editor


“I’m moving in the coming year and have already started compiling my new-furniture wish list. On it are these made-to-order Duotone tables. For me, they strike the exact right balance between interesting materials and minimal design. Plus, they come in multiple configurations, so once I see my new space, I’ll decide which works best. Exciting!” Duotone coffee table, $1,930; yielddesign.coElizabeth Ferraro, Design Director


“I often find myself window shopping at Paul Kasmin Gallery’s smaller offshoot, PK Shop. Its limited-edition, artist-created objects are meant to appeal to aspiring collectors like me, and this piece by Chilean artist Iván Navarro was particularly provoking. I’ve always been drawn to his work for its transcendent quality in the illusion of infinite space created with lights and mirrors, and I like the juxtaposition of this piece being at the end of a physical book. It’s definitely worth waiting for.” Iván Navarro “La ilustración artística” (2016), $22,000; paulkasmingallery.comRachel Small, Associate Editor

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(Photos, from top: Courtesy Nomos. Kelsey Heinze/Yield. Christopher Stach/Courtesy the artist and Paul Kasmin.)

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