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This Collab Wants to Disrupt Denmark’s Affinity for “Fast Kitchens”

Danish kitchen fabricator &Shufl’s revival of d line archival hardware proves newer isn’t inherently better.

Left: &Shufl and d line's collaboratively-designed cabinet pull handle. Right: Knud Holscher, the creator of the original pull that inspired &Shufl. Credit: &Shufl

In Denmark, it’s customary to replace one’s kitchen every 11 years. “That’s not only a waste of resources, but also a waste of money,” says architect and &Shufl founder Kristoffer Brems, who launched the company to refit Ikea cabinets with fresh facades and hardware. 

The biggest draw of &Shufl is the way their colorful cabinets and furniture can enliven even the most uninspiring kitchens. From romantic blush tones to a palette of oceanic blues, they make seemingly minor updates pack a visual punch while minimizing the environmental toll of stripping out a kitchen every decade. Brems sought inspiration from the archives of longtime d line collaborator and architect Knud Holscher. The company has a reputation for teaming up with industry standouts and counts Tom Dixon and Bjarke Ingels as past collaborators. 

“In the search for another handle to complement our collection, it was actually quite difficult to overlook Knud Holscher’s d line collection. This combination of colors from our universe goes really well with the very strict design which Knud created way back in the 70s,” Brems says of the architect and industrial designer, whose work he first became familiar with as an architecture student and returned to in his search for streamlined and durable cabinet hardware. He found the ticket in a 50-year-old minimalist pull handle not originally intended for kitchen cabinets, but for doors. 

Tweaking the pull’s tubular build took some time, as did selecting colors befitting &Shufl’s own range—mint green, cobalt blue, and a shocking shade of red—before the series was ready to enter production. Ever-mindful of environmental impact, &Shufl even offers the option to return the cabinet pulls for refurbishment and reuse in other homes. 

Credit: Lea Jessen

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