Sustainability Meets the High-Seas Style

Sunreef’s catamaran sailing yachts combine upscale amenities with the most innovative solar panel technology on the market.

There’s a reason why F1 champs Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg are among those who entrust Sunreef Yachts with their seafaring pursuits. Suave, agile, and tricked out with some of the most cutting-edge solar technology on the planet, the brand’s unabashedly high-end catamarans are in a class of their own. 

Credit the vision of CEO and Founder Francis Lapp, who combined his engineering expertise with his love for sailing more than 20 years ago after noticing a hole in the market while chartering boats out of Madagascar. From a shipyard in Gdansk, a vibrant port city along Poland’s Baltic coast with a rich naval building heritage, Lapp set out to pioneer an entirely new typology: the catamaran yacht.   

Successful models like the 40 Eco and and 50 Eco have earned high marks for pairing upscale amenities with sustainability-minded engineering. Now, the launch of the new 80 Eco represents another leap forward. A scene-stealer on docks and rivieras the world over, the design harnesses the stability and comfort of double-hulled vessels, the speed and square-footage of a yacht, and the skill of sailing.

According to Lapp, “Renewable energy is the key element in the design of the Sunreef 80 Eco.” He’s not kidding; it’s impossible to overstate the significance of what Sunreef has accomplished with its lineup of emission-free sailing vessels. 

In short, it puts other eco-powered ships to shame. While in the research and development phase, Lapp guided the company’s design team to overcome a near-insurmountable problem: how to clad the expansive craft with sufficient solar panels to generate power without sacrificing its sleek, futuristic swagger. The result is a groundbreaking composite solar power system that is the envy of the industry. At Lapps’s suggestion, the team embedded solar cells into the mast supporting the sails—then unheard-of. The fully-integrated solar cells work alongside twin electric motors and functioning sails to allow for a fully off-the-grid and emission-less yachting experience.

The 80 Eco may lead the pack in innovation, but its ultra-premium finishes are also second to none. When customizing the vessel’s bespoke interiors, clients can select reclaimed teak and basalt furniture and opt for naturally-sourced and recycled textiles. Double-decker accommodations include a spacious indoor lounge that can be customized with a bar, formal dining area, and slide-up TVs, and gives way to as many as four sunken private suites. Each features sweeping ocean views and spa-like bathrooms with expansive, marble-clad walk-in showers, king- and queen-size beds, and walk-in closets. Outside, lounging nets suspended over the water and a second-floor hot tub are perfect for basking in the sun and sea breeze.

Take a look around the rest of the yacht, below.

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