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LoveFrom’s First Hardware Project Isn’t What You’d Expect

Jony Ive’s firm collaborates with Linn on a gentle evolution of the British audio brand’s LP12...

Business of Design
What Airbnb’s IPO Listing Means in the Battle for Travel Booking Supremacy

"We believe that the lines between travel and living are blurring, and the global pandemic has...

The Biggest Design Breakups of the Decade

From Sagmeister and Walsh to Apple and Ive to Marc and Louis, these are the splits that have marked

Six Jony Ive Apple Creations That Helped Define The Modern World

From the iMac to Apple's retail presence, Ives oversaw an era of innovation and influence rarely...

Jony Ive Leaving Apple to Start New Design Studio With Marc Newson

After a tenure that helped define the look of the computer giant through iMacs, iPhones, and more,...

Seeing the Future: Why Norman Foster Is the Perfect Architect for Apple and Bloomberg

British architect Norman Foster has transformed the 21st-century city with his massive-scale...

Everyone Is a Californian Now

A London Design Museum exhibition makes the case that the innovations of the Golden State are a...

2016 Edition
Power 100

Our third annual list of influential figures in art, architecture, fashion, real estate, design,...