#sustainability Stories

Is Hay the Future of Sustainable Homes? 

A year after giving his brand Patagonia back to the earth, eccentric billionaire Yvon Chouinard is...

Why A Robot Named Daisy Is Taking Apart Millions of iPhones

As the world grapples with unprecedented levels of electronic waste, Apple is fine-tuning a...

European Monuments Are Going Dark. Could It Be a Good Thing?

Multiple cities across Europe are dimming their lights earlier than usual as an unprecedented...

Stella McCartney’s Eco-Friendly Values Anchor Her Foray into Skincare

In collaboration with the LVMH Beauty Division and French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the fashion...

Is Timber the Future of Sustainable Building?

Architects agree that mass timber buildings are safer, more durable, and more sustainable than...

Can Fast Fashion Ever Truly Be Sustainable?

As the oft-criticized Chinese fast-fashion giant Shein tries to clean up its image in advance of an

One Brand’s Bid to Build the World’s Greenest Furniture Factory

Vestre has opened a state-of-the-art facility designed by Bjarke Ingels Group that is striving for...

Has Beauty’s Sustainable Packaging Revolution Arrived?

A new wave of beauty brands is embracing compostable packaging and refillable bottles in an effort...

A Nigerian Museum Addressing the Plastic Waste Crisis

The Waste Museum in Ibadan City, Nigeria, billed as the first of its kind in Africa, will showcase...

Nespresso and Surface Host Sustainability-Themed Design Dialogues Café Talks

Featuring some of the most influential names in the worlds of art and design, the conversations...

Is Vegan Leather Actually Sustainable?

The use of vegan leather is a growing trend among brands trying to be more eco-friendly. While...

Surface x Nespresso Café Talks

Whether it be through innovation or awareness, the creative community continues to sit on the...

Business of Design
Lab-Grown Meat is Coming to a Plate Near You

Investment in cell-cultured meat products ballooned to $3.2 billion in 2020. Thanks to a group of...

Unpacking Miami’s New 40-Year Plan Against Rising Sea Levels

Miami releases the Stormwater Master Plan, a comprehensive guide that outlines how South Florida...

A Sustainable Design Marketplace Where the Mission is Buy Less

An e-commerce platform whose goal is to get you to buy less stuff? As implausible as it might seem,

Resetting What Metal Means, One Facade at a Time

As Pure+FreeForm’s Geoffrey Hahn tells it, new technologies have created a new materials...

Ho Chi Minh City’s Central Park Steps Into The Future

On what was once a set of 19th-century French railroad tracks, Ho Chi Minh City's revamped Central...

Zara Commits to Going Green

The Spanish retailer and its parent company Inditex roll out a plan to become more sustainable by...

How Fashion Introduced Konstantin Grcic to Sustainable Practices

"The use of sustainable materials is rare in my industry," says the industrial designer, who...

Paolo Soleri at 100: A Visionary Lost in a Desert of His Own Making

Paolo Soleri's concepts and work were never more relevant than they are today, and his legacy has...

Future Island: How Richard Bailey Built Marlon Brando’s Vision into the World’s Most Luxurious Eco Resort

Five years into an extraordinary mission, The Brando’s Richard Bailey offers a new vision of...

For Humanscale, Sustainability Is More Than Just a Buzzword

As the first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer of the furniture company, designer Jane Abernethy is

Bridge House, Dan Brunn Architecture

Tasked with reimagining a run-down plot, Dan Brunn turned lemons into lemonade.

Stella McCartney Re-creates Timeless Hollywood Charm in a Graphic Way

The British designer’s bold faux-fur coat draws on the allure of ’50s and ’60s Tinseltown...

Why Is the Wait for Aurora James’s Crocodile Vellies So Long?

The designer explains how her peculiar sourcing methods impact the design process.

Following Flyknit, Nike Outdoes Itself by Introducing Sustainable Leather

Nike’s chief sustainability officer details the company’s latest material innovation.

Elliott Puckette Adds a New Slant to Maria Cornejo’s Designs

An eye-catching garment that draws us in for a closer look.

Predicting the Future at A/D/O

At Brooklyn’s A/D/O, a recent conference focused on utopian (and dystopian) design.