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New York Times photography critic, internationally exhibited photographer, novelist: Teju Cole proves time and again that visual and lexical eloquence can indeed coexist. It’s unsurprising, then, that while wrapping up his fourth novel, Blind Spot (a pseudo–travel memoir, published by Random House), he was also posting a far more somber photo series on his Instagram. Titled “Black Paper,” the compilation is Cole’s attempt to reckon with America’s recent election. “The political situation has increased my sensitivity to the kinds of [bad] things present in the world,” Cole says. “I’m seeing more of the darkness that was present in the world already [before the election], and there’s a lot of darkness that has come into the world because of what we’re dealing with.” To process this new paradigm, Cole turns to his usual toolbox: a lens and the keyboard. 27.4k followers

Teju Cole’s first solo exhibition in New York, “Blind Spot and Black Paper,” is on view at Steven Kasher Gallery through Aug. 11.

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