Opening Shot: A Vintage Water Pumping Station Becomes a Charmingly Modern Hotel

The Vipp Chimney House in Copenhagen makes a strong case for site reuse.

The Vipp Chimney House in Copenhagen makes a strong case for site reuse.

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Vipp Chimney House Hotel

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Designer: Studio David Thulstrup

On Offer: The Danish design company’s chain of exclusive, private hotels, which has locations scattered across northern Europe, has added a third space: a former water-pumping station originally built in 1902. Yes, its 35-meter tall chimney calls attention from miles away, but it’s the redesigned 650-square-foot guesthouse that’s the real story here. Sleek steel and luminous gray now wrap the gentle vintage red brickwork and under the space’s 28-foot-heigh ceilings are two inviting bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room. Steel is the commanding element here, creating a clean, modern, cutting-edge look while allowing the vintage charm of the chimney to surface at carefully chosen moments.

Standout Feature: Vipp Hotel has managed to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Residents live privately without room service, indulging in more day-to-day activities such as using the fully equipped kitchen, or simply sitting in the living room and reading. But, this is a hotel after all, and patrons’ stays must end eventually. For anyone feeling “hotel sick” after a visit, Vipp offers a unique solution: most of its furniture is for sale. The couches, chairs, and tables, all produced by Vipp, are available for purchase, allowing you to bring a touch of Danish style home.

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