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Workshop/APD and Desiron’s Latest Furniture Line Belongs at the Center of Attention

Inspired by today’s renewed focus on the importance of domestic space, the duo’s collection of camera-ready tables and chairs is a study in materiality and craftsmanship.

Credit (all images): Courtesy of Desiron

When the multidisciplinary design studio Workshop/APD first partnered with Desiron, an industry favorite for handcrafted furniture, the collection catered to oft-overlooked perimeter spaces: a two-piece debut of a console and bench probed the construct of spatial composition and balance with a nod to sculptural asymmetry. Their newly released follow-up collection consists of six pieces, each embracing their rightfully earned place at the center of the room—and attention.

The collection was at least partially inspired by today’s evolving focus on domestic spaces and the undisputed importance of function. “Gone are the days of an untouched living room,” Workshop/APD associate principal Andrew Kline told Surface.

The sophomore launch includes a dining table, dining chair, coffee table, side table, spot table, and cocktail table, each of which builds upon themes explored in the preceding collection. “We love exploring the connections between forms, materials, masses, and rooms,” Kline says. “A crisp, elegant reveal is one of our favorite architectural elements and adds to a design by taking something away, bringing lightness and modernity to the space.”

Pieces from the collection include a dining chair (left) and spot table (right).

Each piece is made to order by Desiron’s team of master artisans with customizable finishes including charred poplar, raw gradient steel, and bouclé upholstery. “To emphasize visual lightness, we chose to also show them in this light palette of wood and metal,” Kline says. “As our practice has evolved, our designs have also begun to emphasize a lighter, livable luxury that’s not only evident in this new material palette but also in our residential work.” Our relationships to our homes and the pieces in them continue to evolve, but this new collection’s deft fusion of materiality and architectural exploration will never go out of style.

Pieces like the side table (left) and ottoman (right) draw attention to the center of the room.

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