London's Groucho Club Inspires Greg Seider's Modern Twist on a Classic Cocktail

Inspired by Groucho Club, in London.

Inspired by Groucho Club, in London.

Photo: Noah Fecks

Inspired by Groucho Club, in London.

For this recipe, I took the classic Negroni and preserved its original charm and timelessness, while enhancing the flavors of the three main ingredients – gin, vermouth, aperitivo (like the three old Soho buildings that comprise the Groucho Club) – with modern-day additions.

I was inspired by the institution of afternoon tea. We use a gin like No. 3, which has its roots in London dry style, but incorporates new world botanicals of citrus and cardamom that play beautifully with the honeyed floral notes of the Rooibos tea-infused gin. The delicate floral notes of the Dolin sweet vermouth balance out the hint of bitterness, citrus peel, and herbs of the Cappelletti aperitif leading to a new classic for the ages.

1/2 oz       Rooibos Tea infused No. 3 gin or Sipsmith

3/4 oz      Dolin sweet vermouth

3/4 oz      Cappelletti aperitivo

2              dashes of orange bitters

orange peel

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass. Fill with Ice. Stir until it pours like viscous syrup texture (about 50 times). Strain over ice into large rocks glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

Greg Seider is the co-founder of Summit Bar and Manhattan Cricket Club in New York, and author of the new cocktail book Alchemy in a Glass (Rizzoli).

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