At Long Last, a Grown-Up, Lighted Mobile—Courtesy of ANONY

Whimsical—yet refined.

Whimsical—yet refined.

There’s no expiration date on whimsical appreciation.

But age-geared marketing can, at times, guide us astray from items that would otherwise spark joy—their purported lack of sophistication notwithstanding.

That’s why we have a confession to make: Often, we find ourselves browsing the kiddies’ section for atypical décor ideas.

ANONY, the smart folks they are, have borrowed the best that lil’ tykes have to offer—and refined those elements into an unimpeachably grown-up light fixture.

Behold: the Phase chandelier.

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Photography by Zach Hertzman

After making a splash when it debuted at the AD Design Show, (a sophisticated way to be brought into the world, no?) the Phase chandelier is finally ready to find a home—in yours, that is.

Phase’s makers describe the design as an exercise in abstracting a circle, which manifests in the mobile’s spheres, discs, and “melted” semicircle.

“This vertical fixture is built from the bottom up to stay balanced. Every component of each tier is hand finished and weighted precisely before being attached to the arm,” ANONY said in a press release. “Each tier acts as a predictably weighted foundation for the tier above, where the process repeats.”

At long last, the grown-up, lighted mobile of our dreams has been realized by ANONY—and we couldn’t be more impressed with the results.


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