With an Artful Eye, Anony Illuminates the Materiality of Sheet Metal

The Canadian lighting studio’s new Pola collection reclaimed the softness of steel at its debut during NYCxDesign.

Anony's Pola collection; credit: Anony.

To know the work of Anony founders Christian Lo and David Ryan is to understand how the duo behind the Surface-approved lighting studio imbues their creations with a sense of wonder and discovery. Their latest launch, the Pola collection, achieves this by balancing elements of Memphis playfulness with sophistication of form to harness the materiality of rolled sheet metal.

Anony first introduced Pola in an ethereal exhibition at NYCxDesign, where it was easy to see how the collection was, according to Lo, inspired by long, illuminated corridors and archways lit from below. The soft glow from thoughtfully placed LEDs reverberates across the curves of perfect arches created by rolled sheet metal, which acts as a diffuser in the otherwise open-frame construction. “To create the balance of light and heavy,” she says, “we were quite adamant about keeping the body open.”

Each piece’s gentle undulations, combined with the softness of the light and the deceptively simple open-frame construct, all work together to defy any expectations of industrial kitsch. Instead, the collection finds its strength in softness. 

Below, see more of the collection.


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