A State of Fairs

As art fairs descend upon Miami Beach, these are the ones that are not to be missed.

As art fairs descend upon Miami Beach, these are the ones that are not to be missed.

Art Basel Miami Beach

The center of a week of events, the fair plays the clean-cut main attraction by day. Come nightfall, it’s the ringleader of debauchery that unfolds from Biscayne Bay to to all points on Collins Avenue.

A 2016 inkjet print by Servane Mary, to be presented at NADA Miami Beach by Triple V, Paris. (Photo: Courtesy Triple V)

NADA Miami Beach

This fair represents the New Art Dealers Alliance, an organization of contemporary art dealers and others in the realm. It’s the place to see young-ish, tattooed gallery directors staffing the booths of various downtown Manhattan galleries, as they sell art no matter the severity of their hangovers.

"Non-Conformity," a 2014 painting by José Parlá, to be presented at Pulse Miami Beach by Bryce Wolkowitz, New York. (Photo: Courtesy Pulse Miami Beach)

Pulse Miami Beach

Pulse considers itself as an accessible platform for contemporary art. A new component this year highlights 10 video works selected from nearly 1,000 entries submitted following a public open call.


A wide array of galleries showcasing emerging artists are the subject of this sprawling fair.

Outside Untitled's venue. (Photo: Courtesy Untitled)

Untitled, Miami Beach

In a clear tent on the beach, the fair is typically heavy on process-based abstration—though it does lead to an appreciation of the ocean’s ability to convey beauty without relying on supplementary text. But a few original presentations always come through.

At top: The crowd at Art Basel Miami Beach 2015. (Photo: Courtesy Art Basel)

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