Auguste Wibo’s Provocative Phalluses Are Dripping With Intrigue

By adorning silicone-cast phalluses bulging from their canvases with Prince Albert piercings by Mexican jewelry designer Varon, the pseudonymous artist quenches his pandemic-era thirst for human connection and arouses desire for what isn’t immediately perceptible by the naked eye.

“Hector” by Auguste Wibo. Silicone cast and ribbed jersey on wood with silver and pearl detail

Here, we ask an artist to frame the essential details behind one of their latest works.

Bio: Auguste Wibo, Los Angeles (@augustewibo)

Title of work: Double Entendre series in collaboration with Varon (@varon_official).

Where to see it: 1443 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles during Frieze week.

Three words to describe it: Bejeweled, provocative, anonymous.

What was on your mind at the time: It was Covid, isolation, zero sensuality, no action, and honestly I was just so horny. The only fantasies I had were boys on Instagram. I wanted to elevate the slutty Instagram post so I decided to collaborate with Varon to explore the works further. In Double Entendre, rings and barbells bejewel the scrotum, shaft, and head, adding a new dimension to my “Lovers” series. Call it a secret hidden in plain sight. A fig leaf for the Instagram era. The fine art equivalent of a gray sweatpants bulge. 

“Angelo” by Auguste Wibo. Silicon cast and latext on wood with silver and pearl detail

An interesting feature that’s not immediately noticeable: My process of casting the real-life owners of the phalluses is actually available to see on OnlyFans by scanning a QR code below each work at the show. This reflects my fascination with the constant tension between intimacy and anonymity, finding local subjects on Grindr, at queer haunts, and in everyday life. 

How it reflects your practice as a whole: I want to make that art serves the mind and not just pleases the eye. Continuously attempt to seduce viewers through humor and provocation to confront contemporary taboos and normative structures. Humor for me is the ultimate weapon to disarm, shock, disgust, or intrigue. This series stretches the canvas and the mind, designed to entice the wandering eye, interrogate knee-jerk reactions and ultimately awaken or arouse. Just remember: the less you see, the more you imagine; the less you get, the more you want. Whether you choose to play is up to you. 

One song that captures its essence: Barrio by Mahmoud.

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