Banksy’s Latest Mural, Steph Korey Departs Away, and Other News

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Banksy's latest mural in Nottingham, England

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Banksy confirms that a Nottingham mural of a girl hula-hooping with a bicycle tire is his.

Overnight on Tuesday, a mural of a girl hula-hooping with a tire mysteriously appeared on a brick wall in Nottingham, England, at the same time as a battered bike chained to a lamp post. After widespread speculation that Banksy may have completed the tongue-in-cheek mural, the anonymous artist posted a picture of the artwork on Instagram. Within hours, local officials rushed to protect the mural with clear plastic sheeting, though vandals already spray painted over the plastic several times. This summer, Banksy used the sale of his artworks to finance a motor yacht, the Louse Michel, to rescue migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe—the elusive artist’s most ambitious activist gesture yet.

Steph Korey, the embattled founder and CEO of luggage brand Away, will step down again.

In December 2019, an investigative report by The Verge peeled back the layers veiling a toxic work culture at the luggage brand Away. Employees past and present reported a “culture of intimidation and constant surveillance” due in large part to CEO Steph Korey, who co-founded the millennial-friendly brand alongside Jen Rubio in 2015. Shortly after the report went viral, Korey announced her departure and the appointment of Stuart Haselden as CEO—a decision she then reversed a month later, citing inaccurate reporting by The Verge

Now, it looks like she’s leaving for good. The company recently announced a spate of executive appointments, which will help “position the company for growth in the lead up to several highly anticipated brand and product expansions,” including apparel, wellness, lifestyle accessories, and its existing luggage offerings. Haselden will assume the role of CEO; other executive titles include Candan Erenguc as chief supply chain officer, Catherine Dunleavy as CFO, Roy Chan as president of international and senior vice president of retail, and Shadé Akande as chief people officer. Korey will continue serving on Away’s board.

Guangzhou Show Theatre by Steven Chilton Architects

Steven Chilton Architects reveals new visuals of the silk-inspired Guangzhou Show Theatre.

Steven Chilton Architects has unveiled visuals for the Guangzhou Show Theatre. Currently under construction in the city’s northern Huadu District, the sinuous building will feature a 2,000-seat auditorium that will host performances by visiting production companies. Sheathed in curved red anodized aluminum panels, its distinctive facade resembles draped silk, nodding to Guangzhou’s key role within the Silk Road trading route. “The city is historically significant as the starting point of the maritime Silk Road and has been an important trading port since the Han dynasty,” Chilton told Dezeen, citing the material’s cultural significance and physical properties as inspiration. “Red corresponds with fire in Chinese culture and symbolizes good fortune, celebration, dynamism, and joy,” continues Chilton, who felt these qualities resonated with the theatre company’s spirit. A completion date has yet to be announced.

The Pérez Art Museum draws criticism for hosting last week’s town hall with President Trump.

Critics are lambasting the Pérez Art Museum Miami, a bastion for Latinx artwork, for hosting a town hall with President Trump last week. In response, museum officials cited its responsibility to remain non-partisan per the American Alliance of Museums’ official guidelines on election advocacy. According to the guidelines, museums can allow candidates or elected officials to rent their space, but must do so “at fair-market value and with equal availability to all candidates, parties, and elected officials.” The museum hosted a similar town hall with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on October 5. 

Some have raised issue with the museum’s explanation by suggesting that championing non-partisanship does more harm than good in today’s political landscape. The Miami developer Jorge Pérez, the museum’s namesake, is campaigning for Biden as part of a local bipartisan group of Cuban-Americans, despite having developed Trump-branded condominiums and having referred to Trump as a friend in the past.

Activists stalled work on a Brooklyn gas pipeline after descending onto the construction site.

A group of roughly 20 climate activists halted work on a Brooklyn fracked gas transmission pipeline last week when they descended onto the construction site and refused to leave. Bearing protest signs that say “Frack out of Brooklyn,” the environmental group No North Brooklyn Pipeline shut down construction of the controversial project for three hours. Residents of Brownsville, who recently staged a rally with Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, have condemned the pipeline and demanded that government officials revoke the project’s permits. “During this health and the ongoing economic crisis, Brooklynites deserve to know that their hard-earned ratepayer dollars are being used toward advancing clean energy goals,” says Adams, “and not to continue a polluted, racist legacy.”

Marcio Cabral's 826.9 megapixel panorama of the ocean

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