A Movie Theater Seat for the COVID-19 Era

Designer Benjamin Hubert's Sequel Seat features UV light sterilization technology, antibacterial upholstery, and high-tech upgrades like immersive headrest speakers.

What would it take to get you back to the movies? For us, it might just be LAYER’s new Sequel Seat. Helmed by Benjamin Hubert, the experience design agency updated the old-fashioned burgundy color palette to a modern one inspired by the midcentury pastels often seen in Wes Anderson films. Though the chair was in development before the onset of COVID-19, it’s innovations are perfectly suited for a post-pandemic world: antibacterial, popcorn grease–resistant copper threads in the upholstery, removable protective screens, and cutting-edge UV light technology for sterilization. Beyond enhanced hygiene features, Sequel Seat takes the silver screen experience to a new level, from en-seat control panels that command seat temperature and recline to immersive headrest speakers to LED lights displaying the name of the reservation.

“In today’s rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, it is essential for the cinema to offer an experience that is significantly differentiated from the growing streaming market,” Hubert says. “Sequel Seat’s enhanced comfort and essential safety features will help cinemas define themselves as a safe place where moviegoers can be transported to another world.”

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