Claudia Wieser’s Interactive Stage of Human Experience

Clustered at the vista where the Manhattan Bridge frames the Empire State Building, “Rehearsal” captures humanity’s parallel experiences throughout time with a sculptural set of monoliths made of mirrors, image fragments, and meticulously painted tiles.

Photography by Nicholas Knight, courtesy Public Art Fund

Here, we ask an artist to frame the essential details behind one of their latest works.

Bio: Claudia Wieser, 48, Berlin.

Title of work: Rehearsal (2021).

Where to see it: The entrance of Brooklyn Bridge Park, where Washington Street and Plymouth Street meet, until April 17.

Three words to describe it: Colors, shapes, context.

What was on your mind at the time: Some interactive, poetic, structured intervention that makes people think, laugh, and stay. 

Photography by Nicholas Knight, courtesy Public Art Fund

An interesting feature that’s not immediately noticeable: The top of the sculptures.

How it reflects your practice as a whole: It reflects the variety of materials I use, the importance of drawing, the connection with architecture and design, and the interest in human history represented in the applied imagery on the sculptures.

One song that captures its essence: Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen – Tocotronic

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