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A look at J.W. Anderson's fall/winter 2017 show. (Photo: Kim WestonArnold /, via Vogue Runway)

Cozy Up

J.W. Anderson designed his fall/winter 2017 collection to provide a respite from a tumultuous political climate. “I wanted to make layers upon layers, as a sort of defence mechanism,” the Irish designer said.
[The Guardian]

Agitprop Argument

A call for a worldwide art strike on Inauguration Day, endorsed by artists like Hans Haacke, Richard Serra, and Cindy Sherman, has sparked debate within the art community. Many argue that such a protest would be unproductive, or worse, prevent the creation of useful, subversive artwork.

Leaving the House

Christie’s senior vice president and specialist Jonathan Laib will be the new director at David Zwirner, one of New York’s blue-chip art galleries. Laib’s departure is the latest in a series of auction house executives leaving for gallery positions.

Data Driven

Uber is releasing a trove of traffic information to the urban planners, researchers, and city governments with whom they often spar. “We operate better in a world that has policy grounded on data,” said Andrew Salzberg, Uber’s head of transportation policy.
[The New York Times]

Motor City Marvel

Waymo, Google’s self-driving car division, unveiled a minivan at the Detroit auto show. The Fiat Chrysler-built car shows how the company intends to integrate its technology into existing vehicles, thereby avoiding the cost of developing its own self-driving cars.
[The New York Times]

Future Present

An upcoming exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum will envision today’s Europe from the perspective of people alive in the year 4017. “Brexit and Trump are the visible cracks of a more fundamental issue. We are facing a crisis of our basic democratic ideas, which were designed in a preglobalised era,” said designer Alastair Parvin, who helped create an installation for the show.
[The Art Newspaper]

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