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TWBTA’s design for the Obama Presidential Center. (Photo: Courtesy The Obama Foundation, via NBC News)

Presidential Plan

The Obama Foundation has revealed the design for the future Obama Presidential Center by Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects.

Gotta Catch ’Em All

Pokémon Go is launching an initiative to promote community engagement and exploration, claiming that its platform is “a prototype to the future of cities.” Who knew that Squirtles would be the future of urbanism?

Be Prepared

Rei Kawakubo built a life-sized, 160,000-square-foot replica of the Met to plan for her show at The Costume Institute—proving once again that fashion is the domain of perfectionists.

Like an Animal

An exhibition at Miami’s newest museum renders zoo animals obsolete.
[The New York Times]

Back in Business

Relive the glory days of midcentury design at this newly restored restaurant.
[The Grill]

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