Opening Shot

An Indian Beauty Brand Unveils an Art Deco–Inspired Home in the Country's Ancient Blue City

Forest Essentials is the first retail project to open as part of an intensive restoration of the 15th-century Walled City.

Forest Essentials
Location: Jodhpur, India
Designer: Architecture Discipline

On offer: Part of Jodhpur’s ongoing restoration of its 15th–century Walled City, homegrown cosmetics label Forest Essentials converted a dilapidated residence into an Art Deco temple to its Ayurveda–inspired products. The brand’s signature pastel blue is punctuated with traditional Jodhpur design elements such as brass and gold accents, as well as custom velvet furniture and hand-cut, wax polished linoleum flooring with adaptations of local mosaics.

Standout features: A golden spiral staircase connects two floors displaying handmade soaps, oils, body polishers, face creams, body mists, and more of the brand’s products on a maneuverable shelving system; upstairs visitors will find a scaled model of the historic Toorji Ka Jhalra, the decaying step-well currently being restored nearby. 

(Photos courtesy of Jeetin Sharma)

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