A Men's Grooming Brand with a Fashion Ethos

Homme fuses its founder's fashion background with natural ingredients that reflect its Swedish identity.

Men’s grooming, but make it fashion. That mantra is the guiding inspiration for Homme, a new subscription–based line of sustainable hair, body, shave, and face products launched by a group of friends with backgrounds in art, design, and fashion. “We looked at a lot of fashion brands,” says founder Mathias Krigh, who studied at Parsons and worked with the likes of Donna Karen and Levi’s, of the branding. “You can connect to Chanel through some of our feeling and simplicity. You can connect to the Comme des Garçons in certain aspects.” Homme, however, is more than a sleek label. Krigh hails from three generations of barbers and his mom is a makeup artist, so he’s been exposed to the world of grooming from an early age. All 13 products are vegetarian, free from sulfates and detrimental parabens, and made with all-natural ingredients such as charcoal and seaweed. Two predominant scents, tea flower and birch, pay homage to Homme’s Swedish roots. “If you go into the Scandinavian forest, that’s most of the trees you see. It’s like the flower of our country,” Krigh jokes. “It very much fits into our heritage.”

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